analise fenech

Analise Fenech

Analise is our Junior Marketer, coordinating the different marketing activities that Melapress undertakes. She holds a Bachelor of Communications (Hons.) from the University of Malta and a Master of Arts (Media and Business) from the Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam.

Analise started her marketing career as an intern at Switch Media, a brand and digital firm based on the sunny island of Malta. This gave her an opportunity to experience the exciting tasks of marketing, taking on a supporting role in running campaigns as well as doing market research, managing social media accounts, and improving website UX.

At Melapress, Analise wears many hats. From enhancing email campaigns and managing social media channels to refining marketing materials and planning events such as our yearly attendance at WordCamp, you’ll often find Analise working with members of different teams to get things done.

In her free time, Analise likes to travel to new places, try her hands and feet at different sports, and volunteer at animal shelters.

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