daniel jones

Daniel Jones

Daniel is one of our developers responsible for plugin development and testing. With an educational background in retail and media production, he brings unique and invaluable insight to our plugin development.

Daniel started his WordPress career in WordPress theme support before opening his own agency. Delving deeper into WordPress, he discovered a love for development, making the switch to developer full-time. Daniel has also been developing his own bespoke WordPress themes and plugins for more than 8 years.

At Melapress, Daniel is responsible for developing a number of our plugins but works on our entire portfolio. He is also the one the support team escalates support issues to, and many of us turn to him when looking to understand the finer details of a feature or a function.

In his free time, Daniel produces dance music and has released records with several record labels. He is also into game development and enjoys the occasional good box-set TV show such as Frasier and Sons of Anarchy.

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