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Joel Barbara

Joel is our Technical Writer, responsible for the content needs of Melapress. He holds various industry certifications, including certifications from Cisco and Microsoft, amongst others.

He started his career in IT as a computer technician before moving on to support and working his way up to IT and project management. His love for writing saw him move to a technical writer role, which allowed him to combine his experience working in technical roles with his love for writing.

At Melapress, Joel is the person primarily responsible for planning, writing, and publishing various types of content, including knowledge-based articles, blog posts, and other content. He works closely with the marketing team and our writers to make sure all literature we publish gives our customers and website visitors value. A stickler for grammar and accuracy, you’ll often find him arguing about the finer details to ensure content meets the stringent-est of requirements.

In his spare time, you’ll find Joel working out, enjoying a good book (life is too short to read bad literature), or tinkering with new technologies.

Read Joel’s articles on our blog.

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