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Nadeem Muhammad

Nadeem is our Marketing Manager, responsible for defining, planning, and implementing our marketing strategy. He holds certificates from Middlesex University and industry leaders such as Google.

Having worked in various roles within marketing, Nadeem has a firm grasp of the digital marketing landscape. With experience in different sectors, he is able to think outside of the box and ensure projects move forward as smoothly as possible.

At Melapress, Nadeem’s job is to define and implement the overall marketing strategy, set up campaigns, and monitor all the marketing efforts to drive sales to the company. Nadeem’s role involves maintaining the company’s online presence and sales by working on various marketing campaigns. This includes researching, strategizing within the marketing team, and publishing the strategy for successful campaigns to achieve company goals.

Outside of the office, Nadeem enjoys traveling, cricket, fitness, and keeping himself busy with reading the latest trends in IT and Marketing.

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