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How to change your WordPress Login URL with Melapress Login Security

Hiding your WordPress login URL is a security tactic known as security-by-obscurity. It is a passive security method that aims to make it more difficult for bad actors to find your login page.

You can easily change your WordPress login page with Melapress Login Security.

First, navigate to Login Security > Login page hardening, then find the Change the login page URL section at the very top of the page. Next, enter the following:

  • Login page URL: Enter the new login page URL here
  • Old login page URL redirect: To redirect users trying to access the old login page, enter the redirect URL here

When choosing a new login page URL, consider using something that does not stand out for maximum effectiveness.

Once ready, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes to apply the new settings.

More login page hardening with Melapress Login Security

Now that you’ve hidden the login page, why not apply a WordPress geo-blocking policy for increased security?