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Why do you need Melapress Login Security?

Secure WordPress login processes are one of the most important first-line defenses you can have against attacks. From configuring policies for passwords and inactive users to nipping failed logins in the bud, keeping your login and ancillary processes secure.

Introducing Melapress Login Security

Melapress Login Security is a WordPress plugin that allows you to configure different policies related to your WordPress login. Melapress Login Security is easy to set up and operate, integrating seamlessly with your WordPress login page, and uses the standard WordPress UI.


  • Enforce strong password policies in seconds
  • Out-of-the-box support for WooCommerce, LearnDash, and many others
  • Limit failed login attempts
  • Automatically disable inactive user accounts
  • Reset all users’ passwords at the click of a button
  • Configure different policies for different roles

How does Melapress Login Security work?

Melapress Login Security comes with a number of different tools to help you secure different facets of your WordPress login processes. Once the plugin is installed, you can configure your own login security policies. We have a detailed Melapress Login Security getting started guide to help you each step of the way.

What does Melapress Login Security Protect?

Melapress Login Security protects different aspects of your login processes, including passwords, failed login attempts, and inactive users. By default, the plugin will protect all of your WordPress logins. If you are running third-party apps such as WooCommerce and LearnDash, you can also use the one-click integration feature to extend protection to those plugins as well.

Custom login pages and other plugins that are not supported by the on-click integration feature can also be protected through our Melapress Login Security integration process.

How do password policies work?

Once you’ve configured your password policies, when users’ passwords expire, they are prompted to change their password when they try to log in.

The password of a WordPress user has expired

When resetting or changing the expired passwords, the plugin shows the users the policies the password has to match. Green-colored policies mean the password matches those policies. Red means that the password does not match those policies.

The policies the new user password has to meet

The same policies apply when users change their password from the user profile page in WordPress.

What about custom login & user profile pages?

If you use a custom login or user profile page on your WordPress use the hook in our plugin to hook in the plugin’s logic on your page. Refer to the hook for custom login pages documentation.

Questions? More information?

If you have any questions or need more information, please visit our knowledge base or open a support ticket.