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Complete features list – WP 2FA

Complete features list

WP 2FA is an easy-to-use, wizard-driven two-factor authentication (2FA) plugin for WordPress websites. With it, you can add an additional layer of security to your WordPress website authentication.

With the plugin, you can configure 2FA policies and choose to make 2FA a compulsory requirement, ensuring your users do not jeopardize the security of your WordPress website. Below are some of the plugin\’s features that can help you achieve better WordPress security:

  • Easy to use and wizard-driven – Users can set up 2FA without requiring technical help
  • Supports multiple 2FA methods – 2FA over SMS, Push notification, mobile app, WhatsApp, email, incoming calls, and others
  • Universal support for 2FA apps – WP 2FA can work with Authy, FreeOTP, Duo Security, and many other 2FA apps
  • Manageable 2FA methods – Administrators can select and restrict which of the 2FA methods the users can use
  • White labelingCustomize the look and feel of the 2FA code page for a branded and consistent user experience
  • Authy integration – Easily integrate with Authy to include push notifications
  • TwilioSend 2FA OTP over SMS using Twilio
  • Alternative 2FA authentication methods – Give users the option to configure an alternative authentication method to avoid 2FA lockouts
  • 2FA policies – You can make 2FA mandatory for all WordPress users or a selection of users with the policies
  • Grace period – You can configure a 2FA grace period for your users during which they have to configure 2FA on their user accounts
  • Require instant use of 2FA – Through policies, you can also require users to instantly set up 2FA; therefore, they will be prompted to set up and use 2FA the next time they log in
  • Support for custom user profile pages – When users do not have access to the WordPress dashboard (like in an online store or a subscriber/membership website), you can make the 2FA setup & settings available on a front-end website page WP 2FA also has a number of shortcodes you can use to build your own custom 2FA configuration and setup page
  • Redirect users to custom URLs after 2FA setup – When users configure 2FA, by default they are redirected to the page from where they launched the wizard. However, you can configure the plugin to redirect the user to any other URL
  • Built-in multisite network support – The WP 2FA plugin supports multisite networks right out of the box
  • Editable email templates – All emails the plugin sends can be edited and every one of them can be disabled (and re-enabled) individually
  • Secure plugin settings – By default, the 2FA plugin settings can be accessed by all the site administrators. However, you can boost the security by restricting access to the 2FA policies and plugin settings to just your user account
  • Fully configurable – All of the above features are fully configurable from the plugin settings

Add an extra layer of security to your WordPress – download the free WP 2FA trial!