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How can I change the activity log view mode?

The activity log viewer in the WP Activity Log is from where you can see the activity log of your website. There are two view modes which you can use. The List View, is the default view and is the one in the below screenshot.

Searching for all events that have the word "album" in them

The other view mode is Grid View, which is shown in the below screenshot.

Grid view mode in the WordPress activity log

What are the differences between the List and Grid view?

You can see all the activity log details in both views. The only difference between the views is how data is presented to you. The List View is the traditional view and you have more information in less space. The Grid View is easier on the eye, however, you need to scroll much more through the logs to see the same amount of data.

Changing the view type

To change the view time from List view to Grid view simply use the buttons in the top left corner of the activity log. They are highlighted in the below screenshot.

Switching between the activity log view types

Other view options: infinite scroll & pagination

Apart from the different view types, you can also configure how many events the plugin displays in the activity log view. By default the plugin uses the infinite scroll view option because it is much faster and requires less resources. When using pagination mode the plugin has to count all the events in the activity log to create the pagination, which takes resources and slows down the loading of the activity log.

Changing the view option

You can change the view mode of the activity log viewer from the plugin’s general settings, as shown in the below screenshot.

Configuring the Audit Log viewer view mode