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Changing the path of the Working Directory

What is the working directory?

The WP Activity Log plugin has a \”Working Directory\”. This directory is used by the plugin when generating reports and also used for the request log file. When used for the reports, the plugin saves the reports here before they are made available for the user to download.

The default path of the working directory is: /wp-content/uploads/wp-activity-log/

How can you change the working directory path?

If you want to change the default working directory path to another path of your choosing you can simply add the following code to your website’s functions.php or custom site-specific plugin:

define( 'WSAL_WORKING_DIR_PATH', '/var/www/' );

The path declared here has to be an absolute path. If you’re unsure of what this on your server refer to how to find the absolute path of a website.