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How to configure which user information is shown in the activity log

By default the WP Activity Log plugin displays the First and Last name of the user who did the change in the WordPress activity log, as shown in the below screenshot.

The first and last name of the user is shown by default in the WordPress activity log

If the user does not have a First and Last name configured, the username will be shown. Though you can configure the plugin to show the username or the display name instead of the First and Last name, as explained in the procedure below.

  1. Click on the Settings node in the plugin menu.
  2. Click on the Activity Log tab.
  3. Select the display setting from WordPress username, First & Last name or Configured Public Display Name from the setting User information in the Audit Log, which is highlighted in the below screenshot:
Configure the user information display for the WordPress activity log

Once you change the desired setting the plugin will display the respective information in the WordPress activity log records. For example in the below screenshot the plugin is showing the username in the activity log.

Displaying the username in the WordPress activity log