Two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress websites

Add 2FA to your WordPress to improve the website’s authentication, boost your team’s productivity, and help your customers and business partners keep their data on your website secure.

Add an extra layer of security to your website’s authentication process to boost user and website security.

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Set up 2FA on your website in minutes. Users can add 2FA to their accounts via intuitive, customizable wizards with no technical knowledge required.

Plugin benefits & features highlights

See the features and benefits that make WP 2FA a powerful, easy-to-use two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress.

  • multiple 2fa method

    Choose from multiple 2FA methods

    Choose from several different 2FA methods, and give your users the option to choose the most secure & convenient method for them.

  • 3rd party integration

    Third-party services integrations

    Integrate with the likes of Authy and Twilio to offer users even more authentication channels including Push Notifications and SMS.

  • 2fa policies

    Fully configurable 2FA policies

    Make 2FA compulsory, give users a grace period & configure different 2FA policies for different user roles.

  • wp 2fa easy to use

    Easy to use & simple to setup

    Everything can be configured through easy wizards, allowing you to configure policies and everything else within just minutes.

  • wp 2fa support

    Universal 2FA app support

    Users do not need to download and learn how to use a new app to log in to your website. WP 2FA supports any 2FA app.

  • login pages support

    Support for custom login pages

    WP 2FA supports custom login pages such as those by WooCommerce & other popular plugins right out of the box.

  • no dashboard access

    No dashboard access required

    Whether your customers access their data via the default WordPress dashboard or a custom login page and dashboard, they can still configure and start using 2FA.

  • wp 2fa trusted device

    Trusted devices

    Users using 2FA can add devices as trusted devices so they do not have to manually enter the 2FA code every time they need to log in to the website.

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Boost the security of your WordPress website authentication while giving your users the freedom to log in to your website securely from anywhere.