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lucian padireanu

Lucian Pădureanu

Lucian is our QA and Support Engineer, responsible for testing updates before they are released. He also helps our customers with their support requests and queries.

Having held different roles in QA, Lucian has amassed invaluable experience and insight into testing methodologies. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Automation, Computers, and Electronics from Craiova, Lucian relies on academic knowledge and practical experience to ensure Melapress continues to deliver the exceptional plugins and services we are known for.

At Melapress, Lucian works closely with the developers, ensuring bugs and creases are ironed out before plugins are released. Lucian has allowed us to improve and formalize our release processes, ensuring better quality control throughout plugins’ life cycles.

In his free time, Lucian likes experimenting with different cuisines, reading poetry, and attending EDM concerts.

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