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WP Activity Log is the most extensive WordPress activity log plugin to record user and system changes for easier troubleshooting, compliance, user management, and security.

Real-time comprehensive activity log plugin for WordPress websites & multisite networks

keep log of everything

Keep a comprehensive log of WordPress user and system activities with support for 3rd party plugins, including WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, MainWP, MemberPress, and many others.

Plugin benefits & features highlights

See the features and benefits that make WP Activity Log the most extensive, easy-to-use activity log plugin on the market.

  • keep activity log

    Keep a log of what happens

    Whether it’s a content change, a system setting, or a user profile change, the plugin keeps a log of the changes that happen on your website. It has the broadest coverage, so changes don’t go unnoticed on your WordPress.

  • comprehensive log

    Comprehensive activity log

    When the plugin keeps a log of a change it records all the details you need, such as the date and time, the event ID and severity, the user which did the change and the user’s role, the IP address, and all the other details about the change.

  • instant alerts

    Receive instant SMS & email alerts

    Know what is happening on your websites without having to login! Get instantly alerted of critical site changes via SMS messages and emails. You can start right away with the built-in notifications or even create your own notification triggers.

  • activity log reports

    Generate activity log reports

    Generate any type of report from the activity log. Criteria are fully configurable, so you are not tied down to a limited number of reports. You can also schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports to be sent automatically to your inbox.

  • user sessions

    Manage users sessions in real-time

    See who is logged in to your websites and what they are doing in real-time. Remotely terminate sessions, block simultaneous same user sessions, automatically terminate idle sessions, and get notified via email of session statuses.

  • easy activity log search

    Easily track down specific activity

    Make free-text searches to easily track down specific WordPress system and user changes. Use the built-in filters to fine tune the search results, enabling you to find what you are looking for within just a few seconds.

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Take control of your WordPress website! Keep a log of all user and system changes, ease troubleshooting, improve user accountability, and identify suspicious behavior early.

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