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All-in-one file monitoring solution for WordPress websites

Melapress File Monitor keeps an eye on your WordPress website files and alerts you of any changes, including code changes and malware injections.

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Get alerted whenever a WordPress website file is changed

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Automate file monitoring scans with Melapress File Monitor and keep an eye on code changes, leftover files, malicious code, and malware injections.

Plugin benefits & features highlights

See the features and benefits that make Melapress File Monitor a must-have file-monitoring plugin for WordPress websites of all sizes.

  • mfm email notification

    Instant Email Notifications

    Get instant alerts of file changes on your websites via email notifications. Get the overview you need without having to log in so that you can act faster.

  • mfm file folder

    Find Leftover Files Before Hackers Do

    Easily spot backup and other leftover files that could lead to data leakage and breaches for prompt clean-up of sensitive data before it becomes a liability.

  • mfm location icon

    Pinpoint Malicious Code Changes

    Thanks to its deep-scanning technology, Melapress File Monitor is able to pinpoint which files were modified, allowing for faster resolutions and less downtime.

  • code icon

    Scan Any Type Of Website Code File

    The plugin scans any type of file on your WordPress website, including any custom code and third-party files, with precision thanks to its hashing algorithm.

  • wordpress network

    WordPress Multisite Network Ready

    • Melapress File Monitor is multisite-ready. It detects file changes across your WordPress multisite network and reports back to the main dashboard when used with WP Activity Log.
  • mfm certificate

    Ensure WordPress core authenticity

    The plugin automatically compares your website’s WordPress core files with those of the official WordPress repository, ensuring your WordPress install has not been tampered with.

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