We are Melapress

Melapress is an eclectic team of WordPress wizards and enthusiasts dedicated to developing exceptional management and security plugins. Currently, that’s four premium plugins and three free plugins. The premium plugins are WP Activity Log, WP 2FA, CAPTCHA 4WP, and Melapress Login Security.

Melapress was founded as a passion project by Robert Abela, who identified a gap in the WordPress market for an activity log plugin. Initially, the plugin was called WP Security Audit Log and focused on security logging. Since then, the plugin has grown to log all kinds of users and system activity and is currently the best user-rated plugin in its space.

Our plugin portfolio and the team experienced equally impressive growth, boasting eight team members and seven of the best plugins around.

Melapress team

Our fully-remote team brings together extensive experience in WordPress and beyond to ensure that every part of the process is up to the standards that our customer expect. We’re also a cool bunch, even if we say so ourselves.

Giving back to the community

WordPress has one of the most vibrant communities around, and we are glad and grateful to be part of it. We recognize that communities only work if everyone does their part, which is why we do our utmost to give back.


Our plugins follow the freemium model, where we have both free and premium editions. This allows us to continue investing in the plugins and grow them. However, we also offer two plugins that are completely free of charge.

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Melapress Notice Manager logo

Melapress Notice Manager

Keep track of changes to your WordPress files and get alerted instantly whenever there is a change.

Melapress File Monitor logo

Melapress File Monitor

Don’t miss any notifications from plugin and theme developers, and control when and how they’re displayed.


We are very active in the WordPress space. You’ll find us as a sponsor in events like WordCamp Europe and podcasts, so do come to say hello if you see us; we’re a friendly bunch!

WordCamp Europe

We’ve been sponsoring WordCamp Europe for the last couple of years. We are very proud to play a part in the success of this event, which has become a team event for the whole Melapress team.


From time to time, we also sponsor podcasts that tackle subject related to WordPress. As podcast geeks, we truly appreciate this format and want to support creators who promote WordPress.


We also make yearly contributions to worthwhile causes, including;

  • Wikipedia
  • Let’s encrypt
  • Foodbanks

Finding us

Blaak 520,
Rotterdam South Holland

  • Support – support@melapress.com
  • Sales – sales@melapress.com
  • Marketing – marketing@melapress.com

If you want to get in touch with us, use any of the above emails or fill out the form on our contact page!

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