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Never miss a WordPress admin notice

Gain control over WordPress, theme, and plugin notices and never miss an important message again.

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A distraction-free notices inbox for your WordPress dashboard

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Collate all of your admin notices in one place with color-coded levels to make sure you stay on top of notifications with ease.

Plugin benefits & features highlights

See the features and benefits that make Admin Notices Manager a no-brainer when optimizing WordPress for improved workflows.

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    Never miss an important message

    Move all WordPress, plugin, and theme notices to a centrally-located inbox and read them at your convenience. Ensure you never miss an important message.

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    Distraction free WordPress dashboard

    De-clutter your WordPress dashboard from admin notices. Do away with distractions and log in to a clean dashboard every time so that you can focus on your work.

  • Easily manage notification

    Easily manage admin notices

    • Customize how and where the admin notices are displayed and regain control of your workflows with support for all types of admin notices, including custom ones.
  • Fully configurable icon

    Fully configurable plugin

    • The plugin is fully configurable. Specify which admin notices the plugin should allow in the WordPress dashboard, in the plugin’s pop-up, or hide completely.
  • Easy to use

    Very easy to use

    • The plugin is easy to use. Simply download and activate it, and it will automatically start capturing the admin notices and move them to a central, convenient  place.
  • Website performance monitor

    Website performance friendly

    The plugin is actively maintained and supported by the Melapress team. Regular updates ensure it does not affect the speed and performance of your website.

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