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How to limit login IP addresses with Melapress Login Security

The IP address restrictions policy in Melapress Login Security enables you to limit the number of IP addresses users can log in from.

How does this policy help?

Most users will typically log in using the same IP address. Restricting the IP addresses a user can log in from reduces the risk of an illegitimate user logging in using that user’s account. It also limits account sharing.

It is worth noting that ISP internet connections have a dynamic IP, which can change from time to time. However, DHCP (the protocol that assigns IP addresses) renews the IP address before it expires, which means that the IP stays the same for the most part.

Configuring the IP Address Restrictions policy

First, navigate to Login Security > Login Security Policies. Make sure you enable login security policies for your WordPress site and then scroll down until you find the Limit the IP addresses users can login from section.

Refer to the Getting Started with Melapress Login Security guide if you have not set up login policies yet.
Next, tick the Activate IP addresses restrictions checkbox and enter the number of different IP addresses a user is allowed in the checkbox as highlighted below.

You can also enter your own message to display to the user if they cannot log in due to the IP address restrictions policy. Once ready, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes to apply the policy.

Resetting/editing users’ IP address restrictions

To reset users’ IPs, first navigate to Users > All Users. Next, click on the username of the user for whom you want to reset IP addresses. Scroll down to the User login IP address restrictions section and remove known IPs by clicking on the red cross next to that IP.

Alternatively, you can edit the IP by clicking on the pencil icon and entering the new IP address you would like to allow access from.

Once ready, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Update User to save changes.

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