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What data do Melapress plugins send?

Melapress plugins DO NOT send any user or customer data to our servers. The only data that is sent to our servers is licensing data.

As all of our plugin licenses are site-based, you need a license for each website you use the plugin on. To verify that the correct number of sites are in use, the plugin sends the following information:

  • Website’s URL
  • Plugin version
  • License key
  • Plugin and WordPress versions 

This information is sent during plugin activation and intermittently throughout its use. For more information about how Melapress processes data, refer to our Terms and Conditions. For plugin-specific information, kindly refer to the sections below.

WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log stores and processes all log data and metadata it collects on your server. It is never sent to us at any point.

Melapress Login Security

Melapress Login Security does not collect user data. It uses data already available in the user profile without requiring the user to enter any additional information. All data is stored and processed on your server, and nothing is ever sent to Melapress.


WP 2FA primarily uses user data that is already available. Any additional data, such as emails and phone numbers, that may be required to deliver the chosen authentication method is stored on your server. All data is stored and processed on your server, and nothing is ever sent to Melapress.


CAPTCHA 4WP does not collect or process any user data. All processing is done by the service provider you choose to integrate with. CAPTCHA 4WP does not access or process this data. For more information about how the service provider processes and/or stores data, refer to the Terms and Conditions of that service provider.

hCaptcha Terms of service

Cloudflare Privacy policy

Google reCAPTCHA documentation

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If you have any questions about our plugins or need further details or clarification, kindly open a support ticket.