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How to export all WordPress activity log data

You can easily export all WP Activity Log data through the Reports module. This Knowledge Base entry explains how.

Step 1: Confirm metadata

First, navigate to WP Activity Log > Reports and then click on Reports settings. Next, find the Columns section and confirm which log metadata you want to include in the export. By default, Session ID and User agent are not included. If you would like to include these, or exclude other log metadata, simply toggle the switch as needed.

Once ready, click Save Changes to confirm your choices.

If you are exporting large amounts of data, you may want to adjust how many records are processed per cron job. This will largely depend on available server resources and your desired export completion.

Step 2: Export data

Now that the metadata has been confirmed, we can go ahead and export the data.

First, navigate to the Generate reports/configure periodic reports page from the left-hand menu. Leave all filters on All to ensure all data is included. Equally, the Start date and End date should be left empty to ensure all data is included.

Next, set a Report tag to make it easily identifiable. In most cases, the Report title and Comment can be left empty; however, you may choose to include them if you would like.

Once ready, click on Generate Report to export all data. Do note that this does not delete the data from the database.

Exporting data this way is typically fairly quick; however, this depends on the volume of data and available server resources.

Step 3: Download data

Once a report has finished running, it can easily be accessed through the Generated & saved reports page. Use the tag configured in the previous step to locate the export, and then choose whether you want to download the data in CSV or HTML format.

Choose the desired option, then click on Save to save the export to your local machine.