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Arts, Artists, Artwork uses CAPTCHA 4WP to make sure that their thriving company runs efficiently.

Lee Down

“With a highly trafficked website, there is also a lot of spam and spam bots. Captcha 4WP helps stop most of it.”

Lee Down, founder of One Man Can and Arts Artists Artwork

Lee Down is the founder of Arts, Artists, Artwork – an online gallery where artists can showcase and sell their artwork to the public. Based in Vancouver, its mission is to connect artists around the world. The thriving community of Arts, Artists, Artwork is 1.5 million people large.

Managing such a large community is invariably a lot of work. Even so, Lee has managed to do an amazing job, with many artists singing his praise. To this end, set-and-forget solutions often prove to be a life-saver – allowing entrepreneurs like Lee to focus on growing their businesses rather than get bogged down managing the nitty-gritty details of their WordPress setup.

Lee has been using CAPTCHA 4WP for the past three years in response to an increase in spam. With no day-to-day management required, CAPTCHA 4WP ticked the right box – a solution that is able to control spam on his high-traffic website without constant active management.

He has settled on V2 I’m not a robot – a favorite amongst many of our customers. Using this ReCAPTCHA version, website visitors need to tick an ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox before proceeding with submitting the form.

To ensure his thriving business continues to run smoothly, Lee also set up a staging environment. Since all of our premium licenses can be freely installed on staging and test environments, Lee can ensure that any updates and changes are tested thoroughly before going live – minimizing risk.

Aside from making sure he’s running the latest version of the plugin, Lee only checks the dashboard when something goes amiss – which he admits has been a while.

The arts are one of the most important forms of human expression and understanding. They deserve prominence in our environment – which Lee has managed to accomplish through his website. We are very proud to play a part in his journey and wish him all the best.

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CAPTCHA 4WP allows you to add spam protection on any form. You can stop spam bots and make it simple for people to connect with your WordPress website.

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Arts, Artists, Artwork

Arts, Artists, Artwork aims to provide services that assist artists in effectively promoting themselves online by bringing together an online community of artists to network and showcase their skills globally.

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