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BosonHub uses WP Activity Log to keep track of what happens on their WordPress websites and to guarantee user responsibility.

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“I wanted the best activity log and WP Activity Log seemed like it would do the trick so I went with it!“

– Stephen Hodges, CEO of BosonHub

BosonHub Digital Development is a vibrant and approachable web and marketing services agency based in Oregon, USA. As a one-stop shop for digital brand creation, they are known for helping clients around the world build strong, recognizable brands online.

WordPress Development is one of the many services they offer. With over ten years of experience working with WordPress, the team at BosonHub knows a thing or two about how to successfully manage projects to completion.

We recently sat down with Stephen Hodges, who is not only the CEO of BosonHub but also teaches at Oregon State University and Treasure Valley Community College, to talk about his work and the tools that have contributed to his success.

The challenges of running an agency

Running an agency can be a very rewarding experience – working with different clients on all sorts of projects. Managing projects, however, as any project manager will tell you, is not the easiest of jobs. It involves juggling multiple balls while keeping the project moving forward.

One ball that invariably gets too hot to the touch is risk management.
With multiple people working on a given project, managing risk can be very time and resource-consuming. This is especially true for WordPress projects where multiple people with varying roles are working on the website at any given time. To this end, a log system that records everyone’s activities can be indispensable.

“I mainly used the plugin to monitor activity on virtual events. I also used it to make sure certain clients don’t break their sites and if they do, I have the evidence needed.”

– Stephen Hodges, CEO of BosonHub

Managing risk through activity logging

This is something Stephen wanted to get a handle on early, which is why he chose WP Activity Log as the logging solution while developing his WordPress projects. As the CEO of the agency, his main aim is to ensure the highest quality and stability of each project upon completion, so each step in the build is vital to client success. One of the ways this is analyzed is by recording all activities the websites go through development and feedback stages until handover to the client takes place.

With WP Activity Log able to cover a wide range of activities, Stephen could rest easy knowing that whatever happens, a record was being kept – allowing him to not only ensure accountability of his team but have something to fall back on should things break.

“I was able to see exactly where a guest was getting stuck. I was also able to help fix a site that was sending people in the wrong place.”

Stephen Hodges, CEO of BosonHub

Smooth virtual events and websites

During the start of the pandemic, Stephen also developed a virtual events platform for one of his biggest clients. To ensure a smooth experience for both his clients and guests at these events, Stephen also installed WP Activity Log. With all activities logged, it proved much easier to help guests that got stuck without having to rely on potentially disconnected questions or inaccurate information leading to delays and frustrations.

Stephen also used WP Activity Log to fix wrong redirections, thus ensuring less visitor and user frustration without having to use more tools.

A versatile tool with something for everyone

WP Activity Log comes packed with a robust set of features that all WordPress administrators and website owners can benefit from. It offers the most comprehensive log and features such as notifications, reports, and user session management to ensure everyone, including agencies like Stephen’s, can reach their full potential.

We look forward to continuing working with Stephen as he continues to reach new heights.

About WP Activity Log
wp activity log

WP Activity Log is the most feature complete WordPress monitoring & security activity log plugin with the broadest coverage.

With WP Activity Log, you can see every log in and log out, user profile and content changes, WordPress site settings changes and all under the hood activity.

About BosonHub
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BosonHub is a web development company based in Oregon, US. With a team that includes programmers, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, they work together to achieve a common objective: assisting businesses in extending their digital reach.

In addition, they provide the tools and skills necessary for businesses to be able to prosper. BosonHub also strives to assist individuals transcend poverty by offering training and support to those in need.

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