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By using CAPTCHA 4WP, Bruges Belfry Darts can prevent spam from cluttering their registrations and ensure a seamless user experience.


“CAPTCHA 4WP was intentionally installed because we wanted to secure our registration page for the tournament”

– Rudy Verbeke, chairman of Bruges Belfry Darts.

Rudy Verbeke is the chairman of Bruges Belfry Darts – an organization that is known for its international darts tournament that attracts talent from all over the world. Being the organizers of such a prestigious event in the beautiful city of Bruges, their website attracts many visitors looking to learn more about the event.

Bruges Belfry Darts also offers a tournament registration page where prospective participants can sign up. To avoid spam cluttering their registration process, Rudy wanted to find a reliable solution that can stop stamp from overloading the website.

While Rudy tried other CAPTCHA plugins, he decided to settle on CAPTCHA 4WP a year ago and has not looked back since. The good reviews and the fact that it’s a standalone plugin made the decision a fairly straightforward one. In fact, all you need is a free Google ReCAPTCHA account for the plugin to work.

The plugin has performed admirably well for Rudy, with no need to pour over the dashboard to suss out any anomalies. With a whole team of professionals developing and supporting the plugin, we are confident that this will continue to be the case for Rudy and the many other customers using CAPTCHA 4WP.

We’re very happy to have Rudy as a customer and wish him the very best in his sport.

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CAPTCHA 4WP allows you to add spam protection on any form. You can stop spam bots and make it simple for people to connect with your WordPress website.

bruges belfry darts

About Bruges Belfry Darts

Bruges Belfry Darts is renowned for hosting an international darts competition that draws top players from around the globe. They are the organizers of the successful event, the Bruges Belfry Darts (BBD) tournament.

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