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Fishing is something that humans have been practicing for a very long time – about 40,000 years, to be (sort of) exact. Yet, for many people, it remains as mysterious as a black hole. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Johnny Wilkins has made it his mission to teach people how to fish.

His website, Chicago Fishing School, is one of the main ways Johnny promotes his business. Here, visitors can find all sorts of helpful information about fishing as well as learn how to fish – including information about services offered by Johnny. Thanks to its informative nature, the website attracts numerous visitors, which tends to increase the incidence of spam.

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Johnny realized early on that dealing with constant spam is going to get in the way of growing his business. In fact, he has been using CAPTCHA 4WP for over five years now. While he did try other plugins before settling on CAPTCHA 4WP, he found that the ease of use the plugin offers is a good fit for his business.

Never miss a business opportunity

CAPTCHA 4WP help me make sure sales opportunities are not buried in a pile of spam emails.

In turn, this has allowed him to ensure customer queries and business opportunities that come his way are identified straight away and do not end up buried in endless spam. With a Kaspersky report showing a contact form spam increase in 2022, Johnny has definitely made the right choice that will help him grow his business in 2023 and beyond.

We thank Johnny for trusting us to help make his website safer and wish him all the best!

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CAPTCHA 4WP allows you to add spam protection on any form. You can stop spam bots and make it simple for people to connect with your WordPress website.

Chicago Fishing School

About Chicago Fishing School

Chicago Fishing School – Chicago Fishing School offers anglers in the Northern Illinois and Indiana regions classes, group fishing outings and guided fishing trips.

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