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Luminys is a digital media agency based in California that provides WordPress website design and hosting with a specific focus on eCommerce and PCI Compliance. Luminys prides itself on its customer-centric approach and adherence to high ethical standards. They are keen on sharing their knowledge with customers to help them increase their confidence when working with their website.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Raymond, the president of Luminys, to get his views on WP Activity Log – our WordPress activity logging plugin and its role within his organization.

WordPress PCI compliance

Luminys first discovered WP Activity Log when looking to fulfill a customer requirement for compliance with PCI standards. PCI DSS has a number of stringent requirements that merchants must comply with. WP Activity Log plays an essential role in satisfying Requirement 10. This requirement necessitates the logging and monitoring of all access to system components and cardholder data and maintaining those logs for 365 days.

Achieving compliance with WP Activity Log

To meet this requirement, Luminys ensures that WP Activity Log is installed and running on all client websites that need to meet PCI requirements and for those who want an extra security mechanism to keep their websites protected. From a configuration standpoint, Luminys ensures that all event IDs are enabled with email notifications for critical activities. This ensures that nothing flies below the radar and administrators are notified of all activities they must be aware of – without having to go through the entire log.

More about WordPress activity log event IDs

WP Activity Log is able to keep track of and log numerous WordPress and 3rd party plugin activities. Each activity has a unique event ID, which allows for precise tracking. Furthermore, each event ID can be enabled or disabled to achieve a fully modular logging solution where you’re in control.

WP Activity Log – the right solution for WordPress websites

Luminys has been in business for over 20 years, helping customers with their WordPress websites and PCI requirements. With WP Activity Log in their toolbox, we are confident that they’ll continue to reach new heights and count many new customers.

Get started with WP Activity Log

If you’re looking to achieve PCI compliance, WP Activity Log is a must-have tool that includes many useful features to help you elevate the security and administration of your WordPress websites. Get started with WP Activity Log today.

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About WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log stands out as the most comprehensive plugin for monitoring and securing your WordPress website, offering an extensive range of features.

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About Luminys Inc

Luminys Inc is a technology-focused digital media agency founded in 2002, that builds and hosts websites in WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world.

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