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Saintly Solutions chooses WP Activity Log to track every inch of each WordPress website they manage


“I did look around for other activity log plugins, but there was no other plugin on the market that was as comprehensive as WP Activity Log.”

– Aaron Pierre, owner of Saintly Solutions

An IT company such as Saintly Solutions that provides systems & network administration services, website hosting, development and maintenance, relies heavily on logs – the team needs to know about all the changes made on each WordPress website they manage.

When it comes to security, troubleshooting, user management and accountability in business, having a system to keep track of activity on a website is key.

WP Activity Log enables Saintly Solutions to do just that; it maintains a record of user and site changes, so Saintly Solutions keep a finger on the pulse of all WordPress sites, e-commerce stores, and multisite networks they maintain.

Dedicated sensors for WooCommerce store & product changes

A small change in a WooCommerce store or product setting can have a catastrophic effect on any e-commerce business.

Saintly Solutions uses the WooCommerce activity log extension to keep a record of who made the change, their role, the setting or product name that was changed, and details about the change itself, highlighting if it was a text, status, metadata or any other change.

These details are very important when troubleshooting an issue, otherwise it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The need to mirror & centralize the activity logs

When you have a big number of websites, you need the right tools to scale up monitoring. Otherwise, it’s impossible to keep an eye on what is happening on all of them. You just can’t manually log in to every individual website to check the activity log.

By mirroring the logs of all websites to PaperTrail, Saintly solutions hit two birds with one stone:

  • They can browse and search through the logs of all websites from one central location
  • They do not need to keep a lot of data on each WordPress database

Why is WP Activity Log the solution of choice for Saintly Solutions?

“I chose WP Activity Log, because it met all of my needs: being able to track actions as well as, being able to mirror those actions to PaperTrail. Another important need was that the plugin shouldn’t impose any significant performance issues on the sites I manage.”

– Aaron Pierre, owner of Saintly Solutions

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By using the WP Activity Log plugin, Saintly Solutions is able to identify service abuse, suspicious behavior & attacks before they become reality. By keeping a log they also meet the legal & industry regulatory compliance requirements which are mandatory for most businesses.

Online businesses have to adhere to compliance rules and are legally obliged to maintain an activity log of changes that happen on their website. Those who deal with sensitive information, such as payment details and medical records often have even stricter obligations. For example, many financial institutions are legally required to keep activity logs for up to eight years!

What do Saintly Solutions say about WP Activity Log?
A first-hand account of how activity logs ease troubleshooting

“The most significant situation where WP Activity Log saved the day was when I got a call from a client saying their site was down. I went to check the site, and it looked like the database was completely gone. I knew that I hadn’t done anything to the site that day, so I immediately went to Papertrail, where I could see that an outside agency had installed a plugin that was not intended for production sites. The plugin literally stated “Do not install on production sites” in scary red letters. Nevertheless, they did, and it consequently dropped the database,” said Aaron Pierre, Saintly Solutions’ owner.

Thanks to WP Activity Log Saintly Aaron was able to identify the issue, and call the client back to inform them on what had happened in just a few minutes.

It also helps to resolve customer issues

“Another example is a client who wrote to me and insisted that I made a change on a page, or that someone from our team had,” said Aaron from Saintly Solutions. “I looked through the log, this time directly from the WordPress dashboard, and from the logs we could see that they were the one who changed the page!”

“There are countless other examples of times that WP Activity Log has either saved me directly or indirectly helped me to get to the cause of a problem.”

World-class support

“I’ve talked a lot about the plugin itself, it’s features and my successes with it. All of that is great. But the icing on the cake for me is the company that develops it: WP White Security. I know there is a team behind the company and I give them all a lot of credit. Over the years I’ve emailed with Robert, and he is extremely thoughtful, attentive and generous,” said Aaron.

“So all in all, it is one thing to create and develop excellent software. But it’s a whole other thing to interact with your customers and hold them in high regard. That has definitely happened to me over the years and for that I am truly grateful.”

“That is the approach I take with my company, and I’m extremely grateful to use software from companies that have the same mindset!” concluded Aaron, the owner of Saintly Solutions.

wp activity log

About WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log is the most feature complete WordPress monitoring & security activity log plugin with the broadest coverage.

With WP Activity Log, you can see every log in and log out, user profile and content changes, WordPress site settings changes and all under the hood activity.

about saintly solutions

About Saintly Solutions

Saintly Solutions is an Albuquerque New Mexico-based business founded by Aaron J. St. Pierre in January 2011. Saintly Solutions prides itself on providing affordable IT solutions and support.

We offer website design, website hosting, development, and training services. We provide traditional IT support to small and medium-sized businesses.

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