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Anastasia Andreani is the CEO and co-founder of Vizio Makeup Academy – an online platform dedicated to helping aspiring makeup artists unleash their artistic talent and achieve greatness. With two decades of experience behind her belt, Anastasia understands that accountability and a high standard of quality are paramount to the success of any website.

A solution for better collaboration, transparency, and accountability

Managing a website as big as Vizio Makeup Academy is no easy feat. Different teams are involved in managing different aspects of the website, including content and SEO, to name a few. With each individual within each team accountable for their own tasks, ensuring everything gets done within the established guidelines is important to the business’s success.

Accountability is critical for the success of any endeavor. This is even more important when you have different people working together. Accountability not only motivates individual team members to perform at their best but also ensures fairness and, more importantly, shortcomings are addressed and rectified.

Regulatory compliance is also an important aspect that needs attention, especially as the business grows. If you’re handling finance, PCI DSS compliance is a must. The European Union has GDPR, while other jurisdictions have their own regulations. Accreditation often comes with its own set of rules and regulations, making compliance critical.

As a successful entrepreneur, Anastasia realized this early on and sought to find a solution to these challenges before they could become problems that threaten her business.

WP Activity Log – a complete solution

It has been four years since Anastasia and Alfredo Andreani, the Director of Marketing, decided to go with WP Activity Log. While a number of different plugins were tested, WP Activity Log stood out for a number of reasons.

WP Activity Log proved to be the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin – collecting more data than the competition. The fact that it integrates with other plugins ensures that activities across the entire website are being equally logged.

Another important factor that contributed to the decision to go with WP Activity log are its customizable notifications, which allow Anastasia to remain on top of things when she’s out and about, winning accolades from the likes of Vogue and Allure.

WP Activity Log is more than just a WordPress activity log plugin. It comes with a rich set of tools and features that enable you to make the most out of your logs. The User Session Management module is one prime example – offering a straightforward interface that allows you to manage WordPress user sessions and view user activities in real-time.

Other features, such as the ability to save the WordPress log to an external source, can greatly aid in achieving compliance. With many regulating bodies requiring logging to achieve compliance, this feature gives administrators more flexibility in how they manage their systems while keeping performance and data integrity in check.

We wholeheartedly recommend WP Activity Log because of the numerous benefits it brings to organizations, regardless of their size.


WP Activity Log is very straightforward to install and configure, thanks to its numerous wizards and user-friendly interface. Including it in existing policies and processes is also a breeze.

“By being transparent about our use of WP Activity Log, we aim to instill a sense of trust and collaboration within our team. This proactive approach helps set a positive tone from the start, fostering a culture of professionalism and accountability at Vizio Makeup Academy.”

Anastasia starts with employee orientation, during which an emphasis is placed on the importance of adhering to company policies and maintaining the integrity of the website. WP Activity Log is introduced as a valuable tool that helps increase transparency and responsibility for the benefit of all. This also shows the school’s commitment to upholding the highest of standards and sets the tone and expectations early on.


Vizio Makeup Academy takes its security seriously. Adhering to the principle of least privilege, the administrator of the website has exclusive access to the logs. Daily reviews aim to highlight any possible issues that may warrant further investigation, protecting sensitive information while ensuring any unusual activity gets addressed straight away.

This strategy has paid off, with one incident showing one particular individual deleting plugins. While initially, responsibility was denied, once presented with proof from WP Activity Log, the individual admitted responsibility. This allowed for prompt addressing of the situation while encouraging compliance and adherence to policies.

“Should you choose to implement WP Activity Log, we believe you will find it to be an excellent addition to your toolkit, empowering you to monitor activities, address issues promptly, and cultivate an atmosphere of trust and integrity.”

Anastasia’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to transparency and good governance are something to be admired. With WP Activity Log by her side, we are sure that Anastasia will continue to reach new heights!

wp activity log

About WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log stands out as the most comprehensive plugin for monitoring and securing your WordPress website, offering an extensive range of features.

It provides unparalleled coverage by tracking every instance of logging in and out, modifications to user profiles and content, alterations to WordPress site settings, as well as capturing all the behind-the-scenes activity.

vizio makeup academy

About Vizio Makeup Academy

Vizio Makeup Academy – an online platform dedicated to helping aspiring makeup artists unleash their artistic talent and achieve greatness. With two decades of experience behind her belt, Anastasia understands that accountability and a high standard of quality are paramount to the success of any website.

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