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How to add CAPTCHA on Ninja Forms

CAPTCHA 4WP includes Ninja forms support straight out of the box, enabling you to quickly add a CAPTCHA check at the click of a button. When using CAPTCHA 4WP, you can add CAPTCHA checks from Google reCAPTCHA, Cloudflare Turnstile, and hCAPTCHA to any form created with Ninja Forms.

This how-to explains everything you need to know to successfully include CAPTCHA 4WP checks to your Ninja forms.

Step 1: Ensure CAPTCHA 4WP is configured and working

If this is your first time using CAPTCHA 4WP, you will need to configure the basic settings, including Site Key and Secret Key. This will activate CAPTCHA on your WordPress website.

If you have already configured the plugin, skip this step.

Step 2: Add CAPTCHA to your Ninja Forms

Adding CAPTCHA checks to Ninja Forms is easy. If you already have Ninja Forms configured, simply edit existing forms. If you’re configuring new Ninja Forms, create a new form as usual.

To add a CAPTCHA check, simply click (or use drag and drop) the CAPTCHA 4WP as highlighted in the screenshot below from the Add Fields section, which can be enabled from the plus (+) sign from the bottom right of the form page.

activate CAPTCHA on your WordPress website

This will add CAPTCHA to the form with only one click. However, you can afterward drag and drop the captcha box (this is for visible CAPTCHA methods when the captcha box is visible), and drag it wherever you want it to be inside the form. Remember to save the form once it is ready!

You can also see where the CAPTCHA check will be added to the form in the Ninja Form forms builder, as seen in the below screenshot.

Fill in the nija forms

Once you save the form, CAPTCHA will automatically be included in it. Remember to repeat the process for every Ninja Form you want to add CAPTCHA to.

New to CAPTCHA 4WP? Learn all about the powerful and easy-to-use features this plugin has for adding CAPTCHA on WordPress websites.