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How to get Cloudflare Turnstile keys

CAPTCHA 4WP is able to connect to different CAPTCHA providers, including Clouflare Turnstile, which is a free alternative service to Google reCAPTCHA.

To use Cloudflare Turnstile CAPTCHA checks on your WordPress website, CAPTCHA 4WP needs to be able to connect to the Cloudflare service. To connect, you need a key pair that includes a Site Key and a Secret Key. You can get this key pair from Cloudflare’s website. This knowledge base entry will show you how.

Step 1: Sign up for Cloudflare Turnstile

If you don’t already have an account, head to Cloudflare Turstile website and click on the Sign Up button.

Enter your email address and a password and click on Sign Up. Remember to check your inbox for the verification email.

Step 2: Add your website on Turnstile

  1. As soon as you login to Cloudflare you are greeted with the option to add a site, as shown in the below screenshot. Click Add site to proceed.
Add your website on Turnstile

2. Enter the site details, mainly:

a. Site name (this is just a friendly name)
b. Domain (enter the domain of your website, such as
c. Widget mode (at the moment CAPTCHA 4WP only supports the Managed widget mode).

Turnstile Configuration

3. Click Create at the bottom of the page once ready.

Step 3: Copy the Site and Private keys

Once you create the site Cloudflare Turnstile will generate the Site and Secret keys and present them to you, as per the below screenshot. Copy them because you will need to use them when setting up CAPTCHA in the CAPTCHA 4WP plugin.

Note: If you do not copy them at this stage you can always copy them later from the list of websites on Turnstile.

Copy the Site and Private keys

Step 4: Configure the Cloudflare Turnstile integration in the plugin and add CAPTCHA checks on your website

Now that you have the keys and you have configured your site and CAPTCHA on Turnstile, proceed to the plugin, launch the wizard and configure the plugin.

Turnstile Settings

To configure CAPTCHA 4WP to use Turnstile, you’ll need the Site and Secret keys. If you did not manage to copy them in Step 3, you can get the Site and Private keys from the site settings on the Cloudflare Turnstile website, as shown in the below:

Follow the Getting started guide with CAPTCHA 4WP if you need assistance setting up the plugin.

Turnstile sites

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