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How to assign login security policies to users with multiple roles

Melapress Login Security uses WordPress user roles to enforce login security policies. As such, when a user account belongs to multiple roles, we need to tell the plugin the priority order of the user roles in which to apply policies.

How it works

Melapress Login Security includes a policy priority option that allows Administrators to tell the plugin which roles take priority. Using this system, any user who belongs to multiple roles will effectively receive the policy configured for the role that’s higher in the priority order.

To set user role priorities for enforcing password policies:

  1. Click on Login Security from the right-hand menu
  2. Click on Settings from the piano menu
  3. Scroll down to the Policy priority for users with multiple roles
  4. Enable the Configure the priority of each user role’s password policies by ticking the checkbox next to it.
  5. Click, drag, and drop the roles in their order of priority
  6. Click on Save
Five standard roles

In the above screenshot, you can see the five standard roles which are available in a default WordPress configuration – you may or may not have additional options available depending on your personal setup. The further up the list a role is, the higher its relative priority to the others.


To illustrate how this works with an example, let us suppose you have a user who belongs to the Subscriber and Editor roles. While you have password policies for both roles, you would like the password policy assigned to the Editor role to apply.

In this case, simply make sure that the Editor role sits above the Subscriber role. This ensures that the Editor’s policy takes precedence and as such is the one that’s applied.