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How to reset the password of all users on a WordPress website

You can reset the password of all users, a group of users, or users with a specific user role on your WordPress website with the Melapress Login Security. Simply click the Reset All Users’ Passwords button in the top right corner of the plugin’s Login Security Policies page.

The feature offers a number of options, giving you a fine degree of control over which passwords you want to reset.

From the Choose user group section, choose:

  • Reset all users to reset the password for all users
  • Reset by role to reset the password of a specific role, then choose the role from the drop-down menu
  • Reset specific users to reset the password for specific users, then enter the username in the textbox
  • Upload CSV of User IDs to reset the password of users in a CSV file you upload

When choosing the CSV file option, please only include User IDs. The file can be in CSV or TXT format.

Next, choose from the following options:

  • Send email to users when resetting: Tick this checkbox to automatically send users an email informing them that their password has been reset
  • Include yourself in password reset: Tick this checkbox if you would also like to include your user account in the password reset when choosing the Reset all users option
  • Terminate sessions for reset users: Tick this checkbox to terminate users’ sessions upon password reset

Once you’ve made your selection, click on Proceed to proceed with resetting users’ passwords according to the selections you’ve made.

For added security, you can also require users to change the password on their next login.

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