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How to change the maximum file size to scan in the file integrity monitor plugin

By default, the Website File Changes Monitor plugin for WordPress scans files which are up to 5 MB in size. However, you can configure the plugin to scan files which are larger than that, as this FAQ explains.

Why does the plugin have a maximum file size?

Before we explain how to change the limit, let\’s explain why there is such a limit: the largest source code file in a default WordPress installation is smaller than 5 MB. Source code files are rarely bigger than that. So to ensure the plugin does not consume unnecessary resources it has a maximum file size limit.

If you have files that are bigger than the configured maximum file size on your WordPress website, the plugin will notify you about it:

why does the plugin have a maximum file size?

Note: by default the plugin only scans source code and executable files, since those are the files which could potentially be used by malicious hackers or if changed, change the behaviour and functionality of the website. You might have media files which are bigger than 2MB, such as images and videos. However, such files need not to be scanned. Read more about how to exclude WordPress website files and directories from file integrity monitor scans.

How can you change the maximum file size?

If you want the plugin to scan files that are larger than 5 MB, navigate to the plugin’s settings and change the file size in the setting File size limit, which is highlighted below. Click Save to apply the settings for the next file integrity monitor scan.