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Website File Changes Monitor plugin database documentation

Website File Changes Monitor Plugin for WordPress monitors your files and code for any changes, alerting you whenever a change is detected through email or the administrator dashboard. It uses exclusive smart technology to detect core, plugin, and theme changes while reducing false alarms to help you increase administrative efficiency.

Website File Changes Monitor SQL table structure

This document explains how the file integrity monitor plugin for WordPress stores file changes events in the WordPress database.

You can safely access file changes events from the WordPress dashboard. However, in exceptional circumstances, you might need to access events from the database itself. This may be the case, for example, if you cannot log in to the administration console and want to look at logs as part of your troubleshooting process.

Developers can also use this information to integrate a system or read the data directly from the database.

Website File Changes Monitor Plugin for WordPress creates one table in the WordPress SQL database called wfcm_file_events. Within this table, you can find the following fields:

  • event_id: A unique identifier that identifies the entry.
  • event_date: The date of the scan on which the event was registered.
  • event_file_path: The path of the file that has changed since the last scan.
  • event_type: The type of change registered by the scan. Possible values are
    • Added
    • Modified
    • Deleted
  • event_context: This field is not currently in use.
  • event_content: The path of the file or directory where changes were detected and a hash of the directory
  • event_content_type: They type of content where a change was detected. Possible values are
    • plugin install
    • plugin update
    • theme install
    • theme update
    • core file modification
    • unexpected file in core directory
  • event_origin: The origin of the event. Possible values are:
    • Local
  • event_read_status: Status of the notification. Possible values are
    • read
    • unread
Website File Changes Monitor database schema