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Allowing users to configure 2FA from a website page

By default, when using WP 2FA users can configure two-factor authentication from the WordPress dashboard. However, in some cases users might not have access to the WordPress dashboard, like in an eCommerce store or membership website.

In that case, you can still allow your users to configure two-factor authentication. You can use the WP 2FA plugin shortcodes and add the 2FA settings and wizard to any page you want, including your custom user profile page, or you can create a 2FA configuration & settings page through the plugin itself.

Enabling the 2FA settings website page

If you want the plugin to create the page from where the users can setup their 2FA, all you need to do is set the setting Create custom 2FA settings page to Yes and specify its URL.

enable the 2fa settings website page

Once you save the settings the plugin automatically creates the page. It also adds the URL of the page to the 2FA email notification that is sent to the users. Therefore when the users receive the notification email to configure 2FA, they can simply click on the link, authenticate, and configure 2FA within seconds.

enforced 2fa email template

Customizing the page

The page the plugin creates simply adds a shortcode to a new page. Therefore the page can be fully customized like any other WordPress page.

If you want to change the text in the page, or the look and feel please refer to the WP 2FA shortcodes documentation.