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How to add a WordPress login page notification to advise users of the activity log

In most countries, website (and IT systems) owners are legally obliged to advise the users if a log is kept of any of the users’ data (such as emails and blog posts) or actions. Regulatory compliance requirements such as GDRP and PCI DSS also typically require website administrators to alert their users of an activity log.

You can use the WP Activity Log plugin to add a notification to the WordPress login page, alerting users that a record of all their actions and changes will kept in a WordPress activity log. Below is screenshot of the WordPress login page notification:

The WordPress login page notification

The above is the default message that is used once the option is enabled. Should you wish to change the WordPress login page notification you can easily do so by following the instructions in this post.

How to Change the WordPress Login Page Notification?

To change the WordPress login page notification add the text in the Login Page Notification placeholder in the plugin Settings. The notification should be plain text with the exception of links – the placeholder accepts the a href HTML code, allowing you to add links. Below is a screenshot of the plugin’s setting in which we setup a new login page notification:

Changing the WordPress login page notification

This is how the above notification appears in the WordPress login page:

Custom WordPress Login Page Notification

How to Disable the WordPress Login Page Notification

To disable the WordPress login page notification you might have configured simple untick the checkbox of the Login Page Notification setting, as per the below screenshot.

Disable the WordPress login page notification