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Changing the plugin’s log files location

In its normal course of operation, WP Activity Log generates a number of log files. These log files are stored in a working directory, which by default is located in /wp-content/uploads/wp-activity-log/.

Working Directory

WP Activity Log log files

The number of log files the plugin generates may differ depending on the plugin’s configuration and may include the following:

  • Report files – Report files include temporary data files as well as generated reports in any of the following formats: CSV/HTML/PDF/JSON. The file format is specified at the report configuration stage.
  • Request log – The request log is an optional feature that allows you to enable the logging of detailed information about each request. This option can be enabled from the plugin settings.
  • Activity log file – WP Activity Log can be configured to log the activity log to a file instead of the database. When this setting is enabled, the file will be saved here.
  • Failed mirroring log – WP Activity Log can be configured to mirror the log. If the necessary libraries are not installed or the mirroring destination cannot be reached, the log will be saved here.

Changing the working directory location

By default, the logs’ working directory is located in the uploads folder, which is usually located in /wp-content/uploads//wp-activity-log/.

However, you can change the location of the working directory to a folder of your choosing. This can be done by adding the WSAL_WORKING_DIR_PATH variable in the wp-config.php configuration file.

Simply declare the absolute path to any existing directory, and all new files will be saved in the declared location. For example:

define(‘WSAL_WORKING_DIR_PATH’, ‘/var/logs/website-logs//’);

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