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How to integrate the plugin with Twilio for instant SMS messages

The WP Activity Log plugin can be configured to send you instant SMS notifications about important WordPress site changes. To send SMS messages, you need to integrate the plugin with the Twilio cloud communications platform.

WP Activity Log has out of the box support for Twilio, so it only takes a few seconds to configure the integration. To setup the integration you will need the Twilio number or Alphanumeric ID, the Account SID and the Auth Token.

Read this document for a step by step explanation of how to configure the plugin to send SMS messages.

Step 1: Configuring the integration with Twilio

  1. Create a Twilio account or if you have one, use the existing one.
  2. Login to the Twilio Console.
Twilio Console
  1. Navigate to the SettingsSMS Provider tab in the plugin’s menu and copy the numbers highlighted in the above screenshot in their respective fields.
The Twilio configuration in the WP Activity Log plugin

Step 2: Integration ready. Test the SMS notifications

Testing Twilio integration

That is it! The integration with the Twilio service is ready. Before configuring any notifications you should test the integration. To test the integration click the Test button and send a test SMS message.

Step 3: Configure the notification triggers in the plugin

The last step of the process is to configure the notification triggers. These are criteria you configure in the plugin, to tell the plugin when to send you or your team a SMS message. Below is a link to the documentation about configuring notification triggers in the plugin:

  1. Getting started with email & SMS notifications for the WordPress activity log
  2. Instant SMS notifications for WordPress site administrators

Should you require any further assistance or have any questions about SMS notifications, Twilio or the plugin itself please open a support ticket.