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Customizing the activity log viewer on WordPress

The activity log viewer is the main screen of WP Activity Log. From here, you can see all of the events recorded in the activity log.

The activity log viewer in WP Activity Log is where you can see all the events in the activity log.

As you can see from the screenshot above, each activity is organized in a number of columns. The log viewer also displays a specific number of activities, and users’ information among other things.

Much of the log viewer behavior can be customized to your liking by using the default Screen Options in WordPress, as this article explains.

Using the Screen Options

The standard WordPress Screen Options you can use in the Activity Log Viewer page to customize the log view to your preferences.

There are two different Screen Options available for the activity log viewer:

  • Columns: use this to specify which columns you’d like to see in the activity log viewer.
  • Pagination: use this setting to specify how many events you’d like to see per page in the activity log viewer.

Changing the displayed user information

For every user activity event in the activity log, the plugin lists the user and the user’s role. By default, the plugin displays the configured public display name of the user. However, you can configure the plugin to display the WordPress username or the first and last name instead.

Use this setting to configure what user information should be displayed in the activity log viewer.

To change this:

  • Navigate to the plugin’s Settings page
  • Click on the Activity Log viewer tab
  • Change the User Information in Activity log setting to meet your requirements
  • Click Save changes at the bottom of the screen once ready.

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