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Using the Data Inspector to view the technical details of activity log events

The Data Inspector in the WordPress activity and activity log is used to view:

  1. additional technical details that are not shown in the activity log viewer by default, such as the User-agent string and the Session ID.
  2. the value of an object that is too long to be displayed in the activity log viewer.

To open the Data Inspector and see all the details, such as the User-Agent string, or the session ID click on the More details… button next to the activity log in question. The button can be found next to every entry in the activity log and it is highlighted in the below screenshot.

Click the More details... button next to an event in the activity log to open the Data Inspector and view all the details about that event.

Below is a screenshot of the Data Inspector, which basically opens in the activity log viewer itself. As can be seen from the screenshot, in the Data Inspector there are details that are not shown in the activity log event, such as the full attachment URL, the full file path, the user ID and more.

In the Data Inspector you can see extra technical details about an activity log event that are not seen in the default activity log viewer.