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How to exclude specific post types from the WordPress activity log

The WP Activity Log plugin keeps a log of all the changes done to all post of any type on your WordPress website and multisite network. By default there are two post types on WordPress; post and page. Though your website might have more post types, which in WordPress are called Custom Post Types. For example if you install WooCommerce a new post type product is created on your website.

If you do not want to keep a log of changes done on posts with a specific post type in the WordPress activity log, you can use the exclusion plugin settings to exclude that post type.

Excluding the logging of changes done to a specific WordPress post type

To exclude the logging of changes done to posts with a specific post type:

  1. Navigate to the plugin’s settings and click on the Exclude Objects tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Post Types section and specify the post type in the Exclude Post Type placeholder.
  3. Click Add and Save to save the settings.

In the below example screenshot we are excluding the default WordPress post type post and the custom post type movie.

Excluding specific WordPress post types from the WordPress activity log

To remove a post type from the exclusion list click the X icon next to the post type name and save the settings.