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How to schedule Periodic Reports

WP Activity Log Reports can be configured to be sent automatically over email periodically. Available periods include daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. This applies to all reports that can be configured in the plugin, helping you automate what might otherwise be a repetitive task.

If you’re just getting started with reports, refer to our Getting Started guide. This will help you get up and running with WordPress reports in no time at all.

Configuring periodic reports

To set up periodic reports, first, navigate to WP Activity Log > Reports and then configure the WordPress activity report you would like to schedule for automatic delivery. Periodic reports are configured the same way as regular reports with one difference. Instead of clicking Generate Report Now, scroll down to the next section where you can specify the email or email addresses the report will be sent to, report name, and frequency.

Periodic reports configuration options

Once you click the desired frequency, the report will be automatically saved and moved to the Configured Periodic Reports section.

Modifying Periodic WordPress Reports

All the configured periodic WordPress reports are shown in the Configured Periodic Reports section at the bottom of the Reporting page, as shown in the below screenshot.

List of configured periodic reports

Click the Send Now button to instantly generate and send the report. Click Modify to modify the saved report. Once you are ready with the modifications, click the schedule interval button again (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly), and the report will be updated.

Learn more about the periodic WordPress reports schedule.