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How to import and export WP Activity Log configuration settings

WP Activity Log configuration settings can be exported and imported. There are several reasons why you might want to do this, including:

● Taking and restoring backups
● Configuring standard settings on one site and replicating them across multisite or multiple websites

Regardless of your use case, the process is the same, which we outline below.

1. Click on WP Activity Log from the WordPress side menu
2. Click on Settings from the WP Activity Log piano menu
3. Click on the Export/import settings tab

Import and export WP Activity Log settings

In the Export/import settings tab, you will find both import and export options.

Exporting settings

To export settings, click on the Export button. This will automatically download a .json file to your default downloads folder, containing all of the configurations.

Export WP Activity Log settings

Importing settings

To import settings, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Choose File button
  • In the Open window, browse to the location of and select the wsal_settings.json file, then click on Open
  • Click on Validate & Import
Import WP Activity Log settings

WP Activity Log will then validate the settings in the file and mark all validated items as ready for import.

WP Activity Log settings ready to import

Click on the Proceed button to continue with the import process. Once ready, click OK to finish the process and close the import window.

WP Activity Log settings imported

This concludes the import process. Your settings will now reflect the configurations in the file.

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