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Locked Out of the WordPress Activity Log? Regaining Access

WP Activity Log comes with a number of privilege and plugin management features that give you complete control over who can access the plugin settings and who can view the WordPress activity log. Access to plugin settings, as well as the activity log itself, can be restricted to one administrator or all administrators, helping you make sure that only authorized individuals are able to access these.

In some cases, users may get locked out and cannot access the activity log and the plugin settings. This can happen for example when:

  • The administrator account gets deleted
  • The administrator who configured the plugin leaves the company

How to regain access to WordPress Activity Log

Regaining access to the plugin’s setting and events log is easy – all you need to do is reset the plugin’s privileges. This will restore access to all administrators – the default setting, allowing you to reconfigure privileges as required.

To reset privileges, you will need access to the database used by WordPress. You need to have enough rights to delete entries from the wp_options table so kindly make sure you have adequate rights to do so.

Once you have logged in to the database server, delete the following two entries from the wp_options table:

  • wsal_hide-plugin
  • wsal_mwp-child-stealth-mode
  • wsal_only-me-user-id
  • wsal_restrict-log-viewer
  • wsal_restrict-plugin-settings

Finally, refresh your WordPress admin page to regain access to the plugin’s settings and activity log. To learn more about the different privileges, refer to the WordPress activity log plugin privileges.

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