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What is the MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode setting?

Consultants and professionals who use MainWP to manage their customers’ WordPress do not always want their customers to know that the WordPress activity log plugin WP Activity Log is installed on their website. Also, some of the plugin’s administrator messages and notifications might be confusing for the site owners.

So we have created the MainWP Stealth mode to help MainWP users control what their clients can see when they install the WP Activity Log plugin on their websites.

How Does the MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode Work?

When the WP Activity Log plugin is installed on a website on which there is the MainWP Child plugin, the MainWP Stealth Mode is automatically enabled. When the stealth mode is enabled, the WP Activity Log plugin:

  • Will be hidden from the list of installed plugins on the WordPress site
  • The plugin settings and WordPress activity log are restricted only to the administrator account used to install the plugin
  • All types of admin notifications from the plugin will be suppressed.

How Can I Disable (or Enable) the MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode?

You can enable or disable the MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode setting anytime you want from the WP Activity Log plugin advanced settings.

MainWP Stealth Mode setting in the activity log plugin

Note on Upgrading Existing Plugin Installations

If you have a version of the WP Activity Log plugin that did not have this feature installed on any of your child sites, once you update it the MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode will be enabled and access will be limited to the user who updated the plugin.

Troubleshooting MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode

If you have problems with the MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode and you’d like to manually revert back changes, you can do so by deleting the row with option_name  wsal-mwp-child-stealth-mode in the wp_wsal_options table.

Once you delete the row the plugin setting is deactivated though activity log access will still be restricted to you and the plugin will be hidden from the plugins page. To restore back full access:

  • Navigate to the Settings entry in the plugin menu
  • In the General tab set the setting Restrict Plugin Access to Only Administrators
  • Set the setting Hide Plugin in Plugins Page to No.