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WP Activity Log database schema update

In version 4.3.6, we introduced an update that laid the groundwork for a database schema update that was rolled out in version 4.4.0. The purpose of this update was to improve the efficiency of activity log storage and retrieval.

While the vast majority of our customers experienced no issues with the update, a small number of users experienced delays with update completion. After some investigations, it transpired that some plugin versions were skipped, which led to a protracted update process. We are unaware of any data losses, and all websites continued functioning normally.

Revised process introduced in version 4.4.2

To this end, we introduced a revised database schema update process in version 4.4.2, which handles things differently. This FAQ will explain what we have done and share benchmarks from in-house tests for comparison purposes.

To avoid taxing the WordPress server, the database schema update process now takes a staggered approach, starting from the newest entries and moving to the oldest entries. This ensures that the website experiences no performance degradation and that the latest log entries are available sooner.

We have also improved the process\’s general performance. Our benchmarks show 110,000 records migrating in about 20 minutes on a hosted basic server. While several factors can affect the rate at which data is processed, including server specification and load, this should give you a fair indication of what you can expect when data is being processed.

The update is also backward compatible with previous versions of WP Activity Log. As such, you can safely update to version 4.4.2 from earlier versions.

What to look out for

You will see a notice that the upgrade is running on the plugin’s page. You can also find the process in the cronjobs running list under the title wsal_x_x. Once the update completes, the notice will close, and the cronjob will no longer be listed in the cronjob running list.

Of course, the WP White Security support team remains at your disposal should you have any questions or concerns regarding this update.