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WP CLI commands for WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log supports a number of WP CLI commands, which can be used to configure various aspects of the plugin. These commands make it much easier to configure the plugin on a large number of websites.

We will be releasing a number of new commands with every release. If you need a particular setting or function available via WP CLI that is not available yet, kindly open a support ticket with your request.

The following is the list of the WP CLI commands currently available in WP Activity Log.

Plugin settings

Do not launch install wizard

This command is useful if you want to install the plugin automatically via WP CLI and you do not want the installation wizard to be triggered. When using this command, the default install values will be used.

Command: wsal_cli_commands remove_wizard

Activity log retention

With this command you can configure the WordPress activity log retention. The default value is 6 months.

Command: wsal_cli_commands set_retention

Command options

Option name: –enabled

  • Option type: boolean (true|false)
  • Option default: true

Option name: –pruning-unit

  • Option description: specify the time unit to be used for the retention.
  • Option default: month
  • Option values: days | months | years

Option name: –pruning_value

  • Option description: specify the number to be used for the pruning unit.
  • Option default: 6
  • Option values: this option only accepts integer numbers.

Activity log retention WP CLI command example

The below example configures the activity log retention to 5 years.

wsal_cli_commands set_retention --enabled=true --pruning-unit=years --pruning-value=5