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Your WordPress website and its many components are getting updated all the time. Whether it’s the WordPress core itself, plugins, themes, content, or users, WordPress sites are undergoing constant change. Keeping a log of these updates is important for various reasons, including:

  • Troubleshooting: if something breaks, it can help you understand if an update is to blame
  • Compliance: Many regulations and standards, such as GDPR and PCI DSS require a log to be kept
  • Security: Whether its failed user logins or an unauthorized update, the update log keeps a detailed record of everything that happened
  • Fraud prevention: Did a user update their profile when they said they didn’t? An update log will tell you exactly who and when
  • Administration: Managing a WordPress website with all of its moving parts can be made easier with a log to refer to
WP Activity Log configuration steps to follow

WordPress does not keep a log of all updates out of the box. However, by installing WP Activity Log, you’ll be able to get super logging capabilities in the blink of an eye. Formerly known as WordPress Security Audit Log, this comprehensive activity log plugin is installed like any other plugin. No technical expertise is required, thanks to its friendly user interface and helpful wizard.

It keeps an update log straight out of the box, with no special configurations required, regardless of your WordPress hosting account. Everything is accessible through the WordPress admin panel, making log management very accessible.

The WP Activity Log plugin is very comprehensive – both in terms of breadth of data it can log as well as depth. It can log all sorts of activities, including activities related to popular third-party plugins. However, it is also able to log WordPress updates across the board.

Step 1: Get WP Activity Log

The first step towards getting your own update log is to get the WP Activity Log plugin. With multiple plans to choose from, you won’t have a hard time finding one that best fits your needs. You can choose the free plan or a premium version if you need more features, such as advanced search filters, notifications, reports, and external database support.

Get WP Activity Log

Step 2: Install the plugin

From your site dashboard, upload and install the plugin like you would with any other plugin. There are no special configurations required. Once the plugin has been installed and activated, the initial configuration wizard will kick in. Here, you’ll be able to configure the plugin’s basic settings depending on your requirements.

WordPress updates

WordPress updates, also known as WordPress core updates, are those updates that address the core WordPress platform. These can include bug fixes, security updates, and new features. Since WordPress is a prevalent platform, it receives much attention – including attention from those with nefarious intentions.

While WordPress updates are recommended due to the reasons mentioned above, caution is advised. Updates can break WordPress websites, especially if there are a lot of customizations. Most updates tend to go without a hitch; after all, WordPress is well-known for its stability. However, should something adverse happen, an update log can help you trace back the point of contact at which the issue occurred.

Plugin updates

Plugins play an important role on many WordPress websites. In fact, the latest MelaPress WordPress administration survey shows that the vast majority run between 5 and 15 plugins on the website. A quarter of survey respondents have more than 15 plugins running on their website. Like the WordPress core, plugins receive updates that include bug fixes, new features, and security updates.

Plugins should be kept up to date at all times since updates can include security updates. Plugin updates, however, can result in unexpected behavior, especially in more complex environments. While this is by no means common, having WP Activity can help you get back and up and running faster. You’ll be easily able to see if a plugin update preceded an issue thanks to the included timestamps – enabling you to take immediate action.

Theme updates

Themes are often interlinked with the website’s branding, making them a critical part of the WordPress website and the business behind it. Unauthorized modifications can be problematic, and theme updates need to be monitored and logged to ensure issues are not only identified as soon as possible but resolved quickly.

Themes increasingly include additional functionality that can jeopardize the functionality of the website should a change or an update occur. While testing changes in a staging environment goes a long way in mitigating such risks, having a theme update log can serve as an insurance policy should something go wrong.

Content updates

Content is at the heart of many WordPress websites. It is often an asset and a competitive advantage for the company or individual behind the website. As such, content updates can have a significant influence on the operations of that website. In some cases, it can also impact sales and revenue.

Keeping a log of content updates ensures that all changes are accounted for and logged. If an unauthorized content update has taken place, this will be equally logged – ensuring remedial action can be taken promptly.

User updates

While plugins and themes provide excellent contributions in terms of functionality, without users, WordPress websites cannot thrive. To this end, tracking user activity and updates provides for better user management and a historical timeline of user account activity.

With a user activity log, you can achieve dispute resolution, prevent fraud, and encourage ownership among team members. You can monitor user activity across WordPress and different plugins, as well as updates to user accounts and existing profiles.

Other updates

WP Activity log keeps an update log for many other WordPress components, giving you a 360 view of the different changes happening on your website. From relationship updates to Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to file updates and much more, WP Activity Log is truly the most comprehensive and extensive WordPress activity log plugin available.

Settings updates Log events related to settings updates, including menu settings, site settings such as language, timezone, updates, and much more.

Database updates Database table creation, deletion, and updates to structure from themes, plugins, and unknown components

Third-party plugins Updates specific to popular third-party plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, MemberPress, and many others

Get started with WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log comes in a free version and a paid version, with multiple tiers to choose from. All plans include frequent updates and support to ensure you can track user activity and updates confidently.

Not only will you be able to effortlessly log WordPress updates, but also other activities such as failed logins, new and deleted users, logins and logouts, and much more.