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JIMEFITMOM uses WP Activity Log to track user sessions and integrations with Log Management Systems.

jimena cantu

“WP Activity Log has proved to be an invaluable partner.“

Jimena Cantu, CEO of JIMEFITMOM

Jimena is a certified personal trainer with several specializations in pregnancy-related health programs. Over the past two years, she has grown her business from an Instagram-focused motivation channel to a fully-fledged business with an eCommerce WordPress website helping mums and mums-to-be lead a healthier lifestyle.

Managing an eCommerce website is not without its challenges – something that Jimena realized early on in her business journey. Business acumen and the right set of tools are often indispensable to a business’s success.

A tool to ease WordPress growing pains

One such tool is WP Activity Log which is helping many businesses better manage their WordPress websites. For Jimena, it has proved to be an invaluable partner, allowing the fledgling entrepreneur to streamline processes. In turn, this has allowed her to focus her time and energy on helping her customers while growing her business.

WP Activity Log is a WordPress plugin that allows WordPress administrators and website owners to log system and user activity. It works behind the scenes without requiring constant management, making it ideal for startups and established businesses of all sizes alike.

Furthermore, the plugin comes with dedicated extensions that plug into numerous 3rd party plugins such as WooCommerce. This is something that Jimena found incredibly useful.

“WP Activity Log’s WooCommerce extension allows me to support my customers while ensuring they follow the course”

– Jimena Cantu, CEO of JIMEFITMOM

Smoothing bumpy e-commerce roads

With WooCommerce running her online shop, WP Activity Log’s WooCommerce extension allows her to support her customers while ensuring they follow the course. It has also proven indispensable in settling disputes, proving that she delivered services for any payments received.

Having such a trail is critical to countering fraudulent claims and scams. It gives you something to refer to and can act as an arbiter when disputes arise. WP Activity Log also makes it easy to issue reports, with a reporting module that only recently received a significant overhaul for an improved user experience with more features than ever before.

This is not all that WP Activity Log can do. From managing user sessions to integrations with Log Management Systems and business applications, WP Activity Log packs a serious punch that can help eCommerce businesses up their game across the board. With frequent updates and free support, you can also be sure you’ll find all the support you need should you require it.

“The WP Activity Log’s WooCommerce extension allows me to support my customers while ensuring they follow the course.”

– Jimena Cantu, CEO of JIMEFITMOM

Achieve new heights with WP Activity Log

We are super impressed with what Jimena has achieved in such little time and would like to thank her for choosing WP Activity Log. Jimena, keep up the excellent work; we are rooting for you!

If you’re looking for a better way to manage and audit your WordPress system and user activity, download WP Activity Log Premium and benefit from everything this plugin has to offer.

About WP Activity Log
wp activity log

WP Activity Log is the most feature complete WordPress monitoring & security activity log plugin with the broadest coverage.

With WP Activity Log, you can see every log in and log out, user profile and content changes, WordPress site settings changes and all under the hood activity.

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Jimefitmom is an online website which offers prenatal and postnatal workout programmes. The goal of Jimefitmom is to inspire and guide women during their pregnancies and postpartum periods.

On Jimefitmom’s website one can find numerous workout regimens that are available and offer appropriate and safe fitness solutions.

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