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WP Activity Log 200000 installs

WP Activity Log Milestone – 200,000 installs

This week WP Activity Log is celebrating a significant milestone – 200,000 active installs on some of the most amazing WordPress websites all around the world. The journey here has been challenging and fun, through which we have grown from being a one-man team with an idea and a purpose to a fully-fledged team with a portfolio of plugins behind our belt.

But this story is about WP Activity Log and its incredible 10-year journey to 200,000 active installs.

A brief history of WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log was first launched in May 2013. Back then, the plugin carried the name WP Security Audit Log. The name reflected the security focus of the plugin. Since then, many updates have gone into the plugin, broadening its scope to include both WordPress security and administration.

This does not mean we slapped all the functionality under the sun to one plugin. No, no dear reader. It was always our intention to have a dedicated plugin that knows what it does and is able to do it exceptionally well. Judging by the reviews, we have managed to do just that.

This does not mean that we’re ones to settle for the status quo. Throughout the years, we have always continued to improve the plugin by taking onboard user feedback and our own desire to make a great plugin. This is something that we’ll continue doing for many, many years to come.

A timeline of WP Activity Log

These are but some of the highlights of WP Activity Log’s evolution from its humble beginnings to becoming the number one WordPress activity log plugin

2013 – The very start of very great things

  • May – Version 1.0 released

2014 – Planning the future

  • January – Multisite support introduced – the first activity log plugin to do so.
  • October – Premium extensions were introduced, adding email notifications and advanced search options.

2015 -Traversing horizon

  • September – Added an option to save logs to an external database.

2016 – A taste of things to come

  • January – Started supporting logs for 3rd party plugins, starting with bbPress.
  • June – Released the Users Session Module, giving customers the ability to manage active sessions.

2017 – Widening the scope

  • February – Added support for WooCommerce store and product changes.

2018 – A year of foundational growth

  • January – Switched licensing system to Freemius, which allowed us to release Free and Premium editions of the plugin.
  • June – Logs for file changes added. Eventually, it was removed and replaced with a standalone plugin: Website File Changes Monitor.
  • October – Added full support for Gutenberg.
  • December – Introduced support for Slack mirroring.

2019 – Travelling is fun

  • April – Added Twilio SMS notifications.

2020 – Bringing things into focus

  • May – Plugin renamed to WP Activity Log, showcasing our commitment to capturing security and administrative logs.
  • July – Third-party logs re-introduced as extensions.

2021 – Better together

  • May – Added support for Log Management Systems, including AWS Cloudwatch, Loggly, and Papertrail.

Celebrate with us!

This journey would not have been possible without – you! Our customers have always been, and will always be, at the center of everything we do. To help us do this, we have prepared an incredibly short survey to better understand how we can help you.

Winner:  $150 Amazon voucher and a one year license of:

Second runner up: $50 Amazon voucher and a one yearly license

Third runner up: $50 Amazon voucher and a one yearly license

Fourth runner up: $50 Amazon voucher and a one yearly license

You can choose from the following licenses:

  • Melapress Login Security – bloggers license
  • CAPTCHA 4WP – 5-site license business plan
  • WP 2FA – Starter plan ten users

Survey is closed.

Terms and Conditions

  • Survey participants must opt in to take part in the draw
  • Only one entry per participant
  • Prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Announced prizes are final and cannot be exchanged
  • WP White Security reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time
  • All regular terms and conditions and privacy policies apply
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