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How to import and export WordPress users with Melapress Login Security

Melapress Login Security enables you to import and export users from/to WordPress at the click of a button, facilitating user management processes. The plugin also offers the facility to specify a role for the imported users and to force the newly created users to reset their password on the first login.

Importing users

To import users, first prepare a .CSV file with all of the users you would like to import. The CSV file should have the users’ usernames, while email addresses are optional.

 Sample CSV file with usernames and emails:


Sample CSV file with usernames only:


Do note that you are free to assign the user’s email address and the username.

If you’re importing users with different roles, create a separate CSV file for users with the same role.

To import users, navigate to Login Security > Settings and then click on the User Import/Export tab.

Scroll down to the Import users to WordPress section and click on the Choose file button. In the Open window, locate the CSV file and click on Open.

Next, click on Validate & Import.

Melapress Login Security will validate the CSV file.

In the Import users to WordPress window, tick the Force newly created users to reset their password on the first login checkbox to force users to reset their password when they first log in.

Next, choose the role you want to assign users from the drop-down menu next to Give newly created users the role of.

Once ready, click on Proceed to import the users.

Exporting users

To export all WordPress users, click on the Export button in the Export users section. Next, choose the location where you want to save the file in the Save As window and click on Save.

More Melapress Login Security features

Melapress Login Security comes jam-packed with features to secure your WordPress login. Be sure to browse the rest of the Melapress Knowledge Base for more tutorials on making the best of this plugin.