Melapress Login Security benefits & features

Here are the features and benefits that make Melapress Login Security the most extensive, well-rounded, yet easy-to-use login and password security policies plugin for WordPress.

mpls features
  • mpls change url

    Change the WordPress login page URL

    Change the WordPress login URL and step up the security of your websites. Fight back against random automated attacks and scans and brute force attacks.

  • block failed login

    Limit failed login attempts

    Easily enable policies by role or site-wide and enforce the use of strong password security and login best practices on your WordPress websites.

  • mpls strong

    Enforce strong passwords

    Easily enable policies by role or site-wide and enforce the use of strong password security and login best practices on your WordPress websites.

  • Restrict user login times

    Restrict user login times

    Set restrictions on the days and time users can log in to the website to minimize security risks while boosting WordPress security.

  • 1 click third party

    1-click third party plugin support

    Include third-party plugins such as WooCommerce, LearnDash, and others into your login policies to ensure optimal security throughout your site.

  • lock inactive users

    Automatically lock inactive users

    Inactive users are an easy target for bad actors. Our plugin automatically identifies & locks inactive users to help you protect your website.

  • password change

    First Time Login Password Change

    Configure policies so that your users and customers reset their password on their first login to your website, eCommerce store, or service portal.

  • mpls custom login

    Supports Custom Login Pages

    Do you use custom login pages on your WordPress website? No problem! Password policies can be enforced on custom login and password reset forms.

  • reset password

    1-Click Reset All Passwords

    Reset all passwords and terminate all sessions at the click of a button. Users receive instructions on how to reset passwords, making this an easy process.

  • mpls user role

    Configurable policies per user role

    Not all website users require the same policies. Configure stringent policies for administrators but more lenient policies for subscribers and users with low privileges.

  • mpls report

    Weekly login security status report

    Stay on top of the game with the weekly email report, which includes an overview of all password resets, blocked users and inactive users.

  • editable email

    Editable email templates

    Ensure your users understand what they need to do: edit the email templates and write them in the language that your users understand and are familiar with.

  • mpls multisite network

    Multisite network compatible

    Enforce strong password policies at the network level to ensure that all users accessing your multisite network adhere to strict password requirements.

  • Easily migrate plugin settings

    Easily migrate plugin settings

    Easily export and import login and password policies across websites to ensure consistency across websites with minimal fuss and faster deployments.

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